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President's Message - Fall, 2019

As we all know, when working with Mother Nature the unpredictable is the only thing that is predictable. Thankfully, from most people I’ve heard from in all regions of the province, the weather has been the most benign it’s been in years. Rains that were almost weekly, followed by moderate temperatures have led to some of the best growing conditions we’ve seen in over a decade. Hopefully this has resulted in some of the best course conditions in recent memory for you and your club.

I’m optimistic the favourable weather has allowed you to enjoy your summer, which although it is always a busy time in our profession, should allow for some time to build relationships with fellow managers at your club, network with golfers and develop you and your team. Continually educating those who have a say in your operation, such as owners, general managers, committee members and golfers needs to be an important part of your job. Educating these important people that superintendents are not paid to be equipment operators is a difficult concept to communicate, but a factual reminder of the responsibilities we have that run deeper than growing grass.

If a superintendent is able to lead his team while operating a piece of equipment, then hey, that’s great. But if responsibilities off the course such as budgeting, long term planning, meetings with suppliers and consultants and continuing education are suffering as a result of “needing to spend time on a mower” then we probably need to remind those around us of what our responsibilities entail. I’ve personally found that elevating and delegating while prioritizing in order to accomplish higher level tasks has been effective.

Many BCGSA members elevated and delegated this summer by attending the newly rebranded BCGSA Exchange at Crown Isle Golf Resort in Courtenay. Golf Course Superintendent Colin Stairs and his team featuring his brother Kyle were gracious hosts in August as approximately 80 professionals from the golf industry came together to network, hear from our speaker Dr. Bill Kreuser and golf. Every superintendent, assistant or equipment manager who attended put their higher level skills to work before they even stepped foot in Courtenay as they planned for being away, delegated to those that would be responsible in their absence and ultimately showed trust in a fellow team member to make decisions that typically they may not have had the opportunity to make. Although this may seem trivial and hopefully already happens one or two days a week in the summer it probably does more long term good for your operation than you realize.

Thank you to Colin, Kyle, T-Jay Creamer and the VIGSA executive, Ginny and Ralph Tromp, our industry suppliers and the BCGSA Board, specifically the events committee chaired by BCGSA Vice President Warren Blue for putting on a first-class event.

We look forward to the Professional Development Days at the new location of the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa in November where there will again be plenty of top-notch education and networking for you and your team. This is another great opportunity to work on your elevating and delegating skills, you might just be surprised with how your team steps up in your absence.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie Robb
President, BCGSA

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