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President's Message - Summer, 2019

One thing I’ve learned through observing Presidents and Boards over the years, be it within the BCGSA, at golf clubs I’ve worked at, or any other arena for that matter, is that listening to members and reacting accordingly is of the highest priority. As with any large, passionate group such as those in the golf course maintenance industry, there will always be a variance of opinions. Choosing the path that every member recommends is impossible, so finding a blend between listening to the majority and having the foresight to guide the ship towards success is imperative.

Over the past 9 months, the BCGSA Board of Directors has gone through a rigorous process to help shape the future of the BCGSA’s annual summer event. Like many great ideas, the conversations started with a group of spirited individuals one evening over a few beverages. It was during the 2018 Exchange Tournament at Two Eagles in West Kelowna that the question was repeatedly asked “Why don’t more people come to this event? It is such a great opportunity to network with peers from across the province in a fun, educational environment in a city that’s great for the whole family and at a great golf course”. It was an easy answer for those of us that were there, but we clearly needed feedback from those that were not in attendance.

As a result, the BCGSA created a survey that asked both golf course employees and industry the difficult questions regarding the BCGSA Exchange Tournament such as;
• Rank the factors that most affects you to NOT attend?
• What time of year would make you most likely to attend?
• What would you think if the event was cancelled?
• Do you think the event should be held every other year?
• Should education be excluded from the event?
• Do you think the BCGSA should team with other professionals in the golf industry in creating a grandeur, more inclusive event?
• Would you like to see a more competitive annual provincial stoke play event?
• Has the event been a valuable return on your company’s investment and what would make it more valuable?
• How can attendance be increased?
• How many attendees are necessary to deem the event a success?
• Should the sponsorship structure be altered?
• Are there any other suggestions on what to do with the event?

Survey results were then tabulated and shared with all members of the association. More feedback was sought at both the AGM in November and at a meeting at the end of the Professional Development Days in Victoria where regional executives and industry were invited to share their thoughts in person with the Board. The Board even struck an “Events Committee”, chaired by BCGSA Vice President Warren Blue. After months of discussion and meetings, the following key recommendations were made and an exciting, newly rebranded event titled the “BCGSA Exchange” was created.

The 2019 BCGSA Exchange will be condensed into a two-day event, whereby if you wanted you could minimize the time away to one night. With the event now taking place on a Sunday and Monday it should prove to be easier to get away. The location on Vancouver Island of Crown Isle Golf Resort in beautiful Courtenay is one not to miss. The golf course is the only Canadian course that hosts a Mackenzie Tour qualifying event. The resort has great hotel accommodations on site and VIGSA always does things up first class! The other biggest focus for 2019 was to bring a world class speaker to the event. The Events Committee has certainly done that this year with Dr. Bill Kreuser from the University of Nebraska coming up to speak. For those who haven’t heard Dr. Kreuser, his topics of PGR over-regulation, growth rates and soil tests are informative, current and far-reaching.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill out the survey, provide further feedback and help lead the BCGSA in this exciting new direction. If you have questions about the event, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ginny Tromp, one of the BCGSA Board of Directors or our hosts within the VIGSA executive.

If you’re ever looking to move up within your club, attain a Superintendent’s position at another club, or simply bring new, great ideas to a position you are content in, being an active contributor to associations that are devoted to helping share knowledge and make you a more well-rounded professional are instrumental.

The BCGSA Board of Directors hopes to see you at Crown Isle Golf Resort in August of 2019!

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie Robb
President, BCGSA

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