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President's Message - Fall, 2021

As fall arrives I can't help but feel a sense of relief that summer is over and fall has arrived. As I write this we have already had snow on the mountain passes, so we might be seeing a sign of things to come this winter. Being that the province set records for heat temperatures this summer, and with forest fires are still burning, I say bring it on!

With the many different climatic zones in British Columbia, we all have different challenges as the seasons move along, but this year we all experienced the extreme heat, that not even those in the desert areas of the province have ever seen before. No matter where you manage your course, the temperatures not only put a stress on our turf, but also on our health and our skills as managers. Add in forest fires in every region, and smoke that seemed to blanket much of the province, while still managing the latest wave of the pandemic and you have yourself one challenging year. But as usual we as an industry moved along, and faced those challenges as we would any other year. Some had greater challenges than others, as I know of some of our colleagues who lost their water source, or had pumps go down in the middle of the heat wave. I personally have dealt with that situation before, and know the sense of helplessness as you watch your course dry up before your eyes and know the work you'll have to put in to bring it back to your club's standards. Myself, I try not to complain too much about any issues I might have, because I know that somewhere out there, someone is having a much worse day than me.

As we move into fall, we have some good news to report as we will be going ahead with the 2021 Professional Development Days. We have been planning the event since spring, but with the unknowns of how the pandemic would play out, there has been a lot of back and forth on whether we would be able to host an in-person event. With the Provincial Guidelines in place and the measures the Hotel has taken in regards to the public's safety due to Covid, we feel we can hold this event and get back to a great couple of days of education, networking, and seeing old friends again. Keep in mind, you will need to show proof of vaccination to attend this event and all public areas in the hotel you will be required to wear a mask.

Miranda Robinson and Dean Pillar are hard at work and already have a great line-up of speakers of which will be announced in the coming weeks, and once again, we will be holding the Silent Auction to raise funds for the M.S. Society of Canada. With VIGSA having to cancel the Gala Fundraiser coming up in January, we need to make sure we support this auction as we approach 1.5 million in total dollars raised in the last 15 years. Great work to all those involved in the fundraising efforts! And as always we couldn't accomplish any of this without the tremendous support from our industry partners, so "Thank You" in advance for all you do to support our association!

Have a great Autumn, and we'll see you in Victoria!

Respectfully submitted

Warren Blue
President, BCGSA

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